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Mantenimiento y Reparaciones en Ramos Arizpe, Coahuila

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  • Localidad: Ramos Arizpe
  • Activo desde: 26/03/2020 - 20:17:55 pm
  • Jornada: Contrato por tiempo indeterminado
  • Tipo de Contrato: Tiempo Completo
  • Cantidad de Vacantes: 1
  • Educación Mínima: Educación media superior - Bachillerato Tecnológico
  • Idiomas: Inglés
  • Disponibilidad de viajar: No
  • Disponibilidad de cambio de residencia: No

Largest oilfield services company is looking for:

Mechanical Maintenance Trainee

Objective: The Mechanic Maintenance Technician has the principal responsibility for ensuring that their assigned equipment, both for maintenance and repair, is maintained to the highest standards and according to the latest quality specifications.


Fully participates in learn and ensures his/her training is on schedule and accurately recorded.

Learns, through organized seminars and personal study, the operational and technical characteristics of Wireline mechanical equipment.

Keeps current with new Wireline mechanical equipment and maintenance methods.

Promotes the importance of Service Quality within the maintenance community

Understands and complies with Schlumberger?s rules and regulations.

Receive development and coaching of higher senior Mechanic Technicians.

Assists Field Engineers with the Mechanic maintenance sections of their training.

Maintains close communication with supervisors and Field Engineers.

Minimum Requirements:

Desirable academic background in Technological University in Industrial Maintenance Technician, Electro-mechanic technician or Mechatronic Technician careers.

Desirable experience on preventive/corrective maintenance preferable on lifting equipment, earth moving equipment, Industrial equipment.

Upper-Intermediate technical English level


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Localizada en Coahuila, Ramos Arizpe.
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